Single and Whole

Meets Weekly on Tuesdays @ 6pm in Mocksville
Hosted By Marilyn Rigney

This group was started to help single people find a place to fit in and grow with God by sharing experiences and taking our Sunday Experience to another level by discussing the messages and scriptures by using the Sermon Takeaways. There are always questions we have and this helps us find answers to apply on an individual level ,together. We also have our opening gathering for food and fellowship and a time for our prayer needs to be prayed for. The power of group prayer is at times the topics of our next group…we share how we see God at work in our lives by these prayers. It is also a place that you can be open and have the same people that you have grow to know and trust to help you find God in every situation, even when you feel He isn’t. We all need this because churches have become so big that people come and go in a rush and no time for each other. Small group is the solution for us to come together, and find that family relationship in the church again, and grow Spiritually together. Every day the spiritual battles grow stronger and we need these pockets of defensive weapons keeping the enemy off of his main focus..the Church of Jesus Christ. If we are praying in our individual groups for these battles, the Church will be covered almost every day. How awesome is that?


Adults Only

Single & Whole - Rigney

Real. Relevant. Inspiring. Life Changing.

These are some of the words we hear from our guests as they explain their first Rescue House experience to us. We hope you’ll agree.