Men’s Group

Meets Monthly on Saturdays @ 6:30pm in Mocksville
Hosted By Derick Forbes

Fight Night – Every man is in a battle whether they recognize it or not… William Wallace says in Braveheart “All men die, few rarely ever truly live.” This group consists of men who are committed to being authentic and genuine; in pursuit of living life to its fullest; discovering and fulfilling who God made us to be. In that battle many men are isolated on an island and trying to navigate this journey alone with no direction or guide to lead them. If you’re looking for community, friendship, brotherhood, mentors, or simple accountability, this group is for you! We meet, we eat, we have fun, and we journey together as allies into battle. No one fights alone – if you’re fighting, we’re fighting. What are you waiting for? Sign up today. The first gathering is March 20th.

This semester we will be going through Michael Thompson’s book The Heart of a Warrior. It can be purchased on Amazon or you can order directly from Zoweh.

Adults Only

Men's Group - Forbes

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These are some of the words we hear from our guests as they explain their first Rescue House experience to us. We hope you’ll agree.