Our music exists so that lost people cross from death to life and continue taking steps to follow Jesus.

About Rescue House Worship

The way we do music here at Rescue House reflects and supports the vision of our church. During a Worship Experience, we sing songs that are impacting churches and people all over the world as well as original worship songs that were written straight from the heartbeat of our church. We know we are called to reach as many people as possible; therefore as culture changes, our music will also change to ensure that we are always engaging and inspiring as many people as possible to experience Jesus.


Luke’s primary role at Rescue House is to provide direction for the Worship Ministry. It is his overarching desire to build a worship culture that bleeds the vision and values of Rescue House. Outreach is one of his greatest passions, and he enjoys the opportunity to lead others through serving.

Luke was raised in Kernersville, NC, where he currently resides with his wife Anna and daughter Elloise (“Lil’ Weezy”). Their family has a passion to see all ages experience Jesus in such a way that it changes their lives. The Cope’s enjoy spending time with family and friends, home cooked meals, and getting outdoors.


Want to be a part of what God is doing through Rescue House Worship? Simply record a video of you singing or playing a song that best highlights your ability, upload it as a private video to youtube and email us the private link by emailing at worship@rescuehousechurch.org