Rescue House is one church meeting in multiple locations throughout the Triad of North Carolina. Each of our campuses hold identical Worship Experiences every weekend, so no matter where you attend, you will get to experience Jesus in the same creative, engaging way. Each weekend, we hope to offer environments so appealing, a presentation so engaging and content so helpful that lost people will be inspired to cross from death to life and continue taking steps to follow Jesus.

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What do I wear?

We have a very relaxed environment, and our only dress code is to just wear something! Come just as you are. Rescue House is the most judgement-free place you will ever experience, so no matter what your church experience has been before, you can rest assured that we will welcome you with open arms.

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What about my Kids?

Each weekend, our Kids House team has planned a special experience just for our kids. Kids House exists to point kids to Jesus, and we do that in a safe, fun and relational way! If you have kids ages birth through fifth grade, click here for more information on Kids House.

What will I hear?

The message of Jesus, whether through singing or the teaching of God’s Word, will never change, yet culture around us is constantly changing. Every generation needs Jesus, but what connects with each generation is different. Our current approach, or the “way” we do church, will always be geared toward what will culturally connect best with most people.

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