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Jesus created the Church because we are better together.

Jesus created the Church because we are better together.  We all need community, and one of the ways community and relationships are built at Rescue House is through Connect Groups. In a Connect Group you will be surrounded by like-minded people that you can do life with and continue growing in your faith together.

What is a Connect Group?

Connect Groups are people who meet regularly and discuss the sermon topic and how to apply it to their lives. These groups exist so that everyone involved will be able to grow in their relationship with Jesus and others.  Most groups also spend time outside of regular group meetings investing in their relationships with each other.


Not all groups provide childcare, but there are options that do. When searching for a group, you will have the option to email that Connect Group leader with any questions, and the leader will be happy to talk you through any childcare options provided for that group.


Connect Groups meet during the week, Monday-Saturday, on different nights depending on the group. They are also located both on-campus and within people’s homes.

What Type of Group Should I Choose?

There are different ages, interests and other factors within each of our groups that make them unique, so there is the perfect group for you.  Look through each group description and find your perfect fit.

What if I Don’t Like the Group?

That’s okay, there is no commitment to stay in that one group.  You can try a new group!

Can I lead a Connect Group?

Absolutely! Do you love investing in others and helping people take steps to follow Jesus?  Email us to inquire about leading a Connect Group.

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