Care & Prayer

Do you need help?

Jesus doesn’t expect you to do do life all on your own or to have it all together. We all need Jesus, and we want to help you find help in Him.

Need Prayer?

Our Next Steps Team is available before, during and after every Worship Experience to pray with you and walk alongside of you during any difficult season. If you are attending and you need prayer, stop by the Next Steps Center at your campus this weekend.


Do you need counseling? We want you to find the help you need, no matter the situation.

It may be that your doctor or pastor refers you to a professional … a friend notices that you are not yourself … a family member expresses concern … talking to others doesn’t seem to offer any relief or change. A popular stigma to a person seeing a counselor is that he/she is “crazy” – this could not be farther from the truth.  It takes a sense of boldness and courage to reach out, especially in your time of need. Counseling is NOT advice-giving or someone telling you what to do: counselors lend a listening ear, walk alongside you during a difficult time, and offer education, resources, and options; they are unbiased to your situation and provide a fresh, outsider perspective. Counseling has the ability to find relief and solutions to any reoccurring issues or needs going unmet inside of you.

Counseling services revolve around an eclectic therapy model, featuring solution-focused, brief therapy: together you will work with Katie to identify the presenting issue, create unique goals that complement the concern, and utilize sessions to focus on solutions and resolve in order for you to become the person God created and called you to be. Each therapy experience is tailored uniquely and specifically to YOU and will integrate faith and spirituality. Katie is dedicated to building a healthy, supportive, and trusting relationship and believes it to be key in the working relationship. Therapy is an investment for your well-being and a way to take care of yourself!

The intake session will last approximately 90 minutes. Here’s what to anticipate at your initial appointment:

  • provide information about counseling services and the counseling process
  • discuss the individual’s presenting issues and concerns
  • offer community referrals as needed
  • identify the individual’s strengths, personality, skills, and talents
  • develop a plan-of-action for future sessions
  • begin building rapport between counselor and client
  • Stress
  • Time Management
  • Finances
  • Adjustment
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Relationships
  • Family Concerns
  • Self-Esteem
  • Life Changes/Transition
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Sexuality
  • Women’s Issues
  • Work-Related Issues

All shared information with your counselor is confidential and complies with the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors. There are limitations to confidentiality; confidentiality must be breached under the following circumstances:

  • you direct the professional in writing to disclose information to someone else,
  • it is determined you are a danger to yourself or others (including child or elder abuse),
  • the professional is ordered by a court to disclose information.

Counseling sessions are by appointment-only. To schedule an initial appointment, call The Counseling Center at 336.661.8142 OR call Lewisville Family Counseling, PLLC at 336.946.9084 and ask for Katie.

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